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[Paid Collab] Create and Share an IG Reel for Aloe Attiva

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  • description: Elevate your skincare game as an Amazon Storefront Creator with Aloe Attiva's 5b POWEREYE Multi-Benefit Eye Cream! šŸŒæāœØ

    We're excited to invite you to experience the rejuvenating power of Aloe Attiva's clean, Italian-made skincare. Approved creators will receive our 5b POWEREYE Multi-Benefit Eye Cream, and will earn rate-based compensation for creating and sharing (1) captivating Instagram Reel with their audience and promoting the product on their Amazon Storefront and profile.

    Uncover the secret to refreshed and vibrant eyes with Aloe Attiva's scientifically-proven eye cream.

    What's in Your Exclusive Aloe Attiva Self-Care Package:

    5b POWEREYE Multi-Benefit Eye Cream: Your go-to solution for brighter, younger-looking eyes.
  • requirements: šŸŽ„ Create and publish at least one engaging Instagram Reel, highlighting your journey to brighter eyes with Aloe Attiva's 5b POWEREYE Multi-Benefit Eye Cream.

    šŸ’¬ Showcase its application, share your personal experience, and inspire your audience.

    šŸ“ø Include tags @aloeattiva and #aloeglow in all content.

    Additional Deliverables:

    - Integrate Aloe Attiva's Amazon products into your shopping links on your profile.
    - Feature the 5b POWEREYE Multi-Benefit Eye Cream on your Amazon Storefront.
    - Share your Instagram Reel collaboration on your stories with a direct link to the product on Amazon.

    *Compensation will be provided upon completion of all deliverables.
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