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Join the #SandlotChallenge & Earn Big on TikTok!

hosted by pfflyers
  • description: Step into the shoes of your favorite 'The Sandlot' characters with PF Flyers and earn big! 💸

    We're inviting you to put your unique spin on a classic movie scene, showcasing the timeless style of PF Flyers just like "Benny The Jet". Not only will you receive a free pair of PF Flyers to rock, but you'll also have the opportunity to earn a substantial commission on sales made through TikTok Shops from your post. It's your chance to hit a home run—both creatively and financially!

    Not only will you score your own pair of PF Flyers, but you'll also have the chance to rake in serious cash through TikTok Shops. Selected creators will pocket a hefty 15%+ commission on sales generated by their TikTok post, giving you the chance to earn big.

    Whether you're swinging for the fences or just having fun, show us your creativity and hustle in the Sandlot TikTok Challenge!
  • requirements: ⚾ Recreate the Iconic Scene: Film yourself recreating an iconic scene from 'The Sandlot' while wearing your PF Flyers.

    ⚾ Feature PF Flyers' TikTok Shop: Ensure your TikTok post links to the PF Flyers TikTok shop to facilitate purchases.

    ⚾ Drive Sales for Commission: Encourage your followers to buy their own PF Flyers through your post, maximizing your potential earnings.

    ⚾ Tagging: Include @p.f.flyers and #SandlotChallenge in all your posts to ensure they're part of the challenge.

    What are you waiting for? Lace up your PF Flyers, grab your bat, and step into the spotlight. Show us your best Sandlot moment, drive sales, and earn big!
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