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Work with Bikini Brand Sienna Swim

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  • description: Are you an aspiring content creator or model looking to build your portfolio? Sienna Swim, the ultimate “it girl” lifestyle brand founded by Sienna Mae Gomez, invites you to work with them on their next campaign. Since its founding in 2022, Sienna Swim has walked the runways in Miami, Hawaii and San Diego, and has helped kickstart the careers of like-minded women who share a love for travel, quality swimwear and female entrepreneurship. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is a unique “cut to the front of the line” pass, as the brand receives hundreds of DMs and emails from creators who want to work with them on the daily. Selected creators size XS to 3XL will receive gifted swimsuits in exchange for original content showcasing your unique style, as well as an exclusive discount code to share with family and friends on bikinis seen on some of your favorite celebrities and influencers. Check out the brand’s aesthetic on instagram @siennaswim and at Your content will be shared on the brand’s social channels and possibly web site, as well as on Sienna’s personal Instagram.
  • requirements: ✅ Apply for consideration and let us know your top 3 swimsuits

    🏷️ Tag @siennaswim in your posts and stories

    📸 Recommended Content Ideas:

    Model For a Day: Ask a friend to take photos of you in your new swimsuit using the brand’s aesthetic vibes as inspiration.

    Unboxing Experience: Share the excitement of unboxing the Sienna Swim package. Highlight the packaging, the first impressions of the swimwear, and the overall aesthetic. 

    Try-On Haul: Create a try-on haul showcasing the different pieces from the collection. Discuss the fit, comfort, and style of each item, giving followers a genuine review and styling tips.

    Beach Day Vlog: Capture a day at the beach or pool wearing Sienna Swim. This could include activities like swimming, sunbathing, playing beach games, or simply enjoying a sunset. The focus should be on how the swimwear enhances these experiences.

    🔗 Must Have: Add your favorite Sienna Swim items to your page for 30 days, sharing your personal picks with your audience alongside a special discount code.
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